Olympus flash air mail in offer, is it a scam?

Started Feb 24, 2013 | Discussions thread
ohwellOK Junior Member • Posts: 38
Re: Olympus flash air mail in offer, is it a scam?

I've got 2 rebates submitted that I'm waiting on processing - both submitted online and then mailed in required paperwork. For both I got acknowledgment of receipt from Olympus ~2 wks after mailing rebate materials. According to fineprint should take 8-10 weeks from then to process and ship. Mailed 2/3, acknowledged 2/17 should arrive by 04/05 at the latest.

While I think they're definitely dragging their heels- it is what it is and still within the stated timeframe. I have faith they'll make good on Olympus' end. That's kinda what rebates are-they make you jump through hoops to get discount and they're banking on you to fail one of the steps-or maybe not even cash rebate in. I was super careful filling and submitting everything so hopefully it works out. I'll definitely be contacting them if I don't hear back because I'd like to put the rebate $ towards a lens on my wish list.

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