D5200/3200 Where is the Dynamic Range (shadows or highlights)

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Re: D5200/3200 Where is the Dynamic Range (shadows or highlights)

mosswings wrote:

sandy b wrote:

I believe the greatest DR for the 7100 will be in the shadows, I reserve the right to be totally wrong!

I've always been perplexed with this question. My understanding is that the camera's meter is almost always set to give around 3 to 3.5 stops between mid-gray and sensor saturation, so the only place where DR extension can occur is in the shadows. Nikon tends to hold pretty closely to this. The OMD EM5, however, has made some waves for setting its mid-grey point a little lower and adjusting the tone curve, buying highlight extension and a soft filmlike highlight knee at the expense of some shadow noise,which in any case is very low because of the sensor design.

The Fuji S5 Pro sensor has a smaller sized pixel to go along with every normal sized one, the result is that it gets fewer photons per exposure and retains highlight data.  So you can shoot hot and pull data off areas which with the main sensor would be blown out with just the primary pixels.

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