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Re: This is a very bad analogy Craig...

d3xmeister wrote:

coudet wrote:

JimPearce wrote:

As I've often said here "FX is the future of the DSLR, and it always will be.".

Back in the real world, today we have more FF cameras than ever before.

JimPearce, that's rubbish. You asume that IQ is everything when this is not the case. Some people put speed in 1st place, some file size (not everyone want or have the money for new computers), some camera/lenses size/weight etc. Your statement is just a useless pile of rubbish.

I think you misinterpreted Jim's tongue-in-cheek statement. I think he meant that people will continue to say that FX is the future of the dSLR and it never will actually be realized as the largest selling format.

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