Backup tools and insurance for Android phones

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Re: Backup tools and insurance for Android phones

Sorry Mike, wasn't as clear as I could have been.

MikeFromMesa wrote:

The MBP? What is that?

MBP = MacBook Pro - This is the computer I'm currently using to sync/backup my phone - previously the iPhone, now the Galaxy S 3.

Is Winamp an extra piece of software?

Winamp is a desktop application on Mac OS and Windows, and there's a compatible app for Android.

My main data concern are the books and music that I keep on my iPhone. The books are from and take up a fair amount of space. I would need to know that I can use the sd card for them without having problems. Probably need to call Audible to verify that.

Another note about Kies - it can sync through wi-fi. Kies-Air on the other hand is totally different, and worthless to me since I don't use cloud sharing at all.

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