Ken Rockwell's review of the D7100

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Re: Oh my, you really stepped in it ...

sworth wrote:

How can people talk so long about a simple search and replace typo. He took the D7000 page, did a search and replace to make 7000 into 7100, then went in and wrote the stuff that was unique to the 7100. He just missed one search and replace that should have stayed as 7000. People are silly.

It's the "binders full of women" or "you didn't build that" all over again. People went nuts over these kinds of statements during that last US election. The opponents of the candidates jumped all over these statements and purposefully took them out of context creating blogs, articles, newsroom editorials and even commercials. All out of context. Everyone in their right mind realized what was really being said by the candidates regardless of who they were supporting. This was repeated ad nausium throughout that election.

Here we have a similar situation. Everyone in their right mind looks at what was written on Rockwell's site and sees that it was some poor editing on his part. Those that see only red when they think of Ken Rockwell, take this out of context suggesting that he's a liar or some other nonsense. It's a symptom of our world's current friend or enemy mentality. For many here, because Ken Rockwell's opinions disagree with their opinions then he must be stopped (things like JPEG vs. RAW, tripod vs. no tripod, small vs. large, realistic color vs. saturated ). And as showcased here, if stopping him requires a few things to be purposefully taken out of context then so be it. It is indeed a sad state.

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