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Re: Corrections about Kies and backup/restore options.

Jeff Peterman wrote:

My Samsung Galaxy SII phone has two modes. In the default mode, the internal and external memory does not show up as "external drives, but Kies can see it, and open the contents in Explorer (under Windows). But, you can go into Settings and chose "Set USB cable connection mode." In the latter mode, the phone is not recognized by Kies, but the internal and external memory does show up as external drives. In the latter mode, you can just copy the contents of the phone to your hard drive and then use standard backup tools (such as Acronis) to back it up to external media if you wish.

That sounds like exactly what I need but I have not been able to find that setting.

I assume when you say "go into Settings" you are referring to functionality on the phone but, when I go to Settings on my phone I cannot find any entry that leads me to a USB connection mode selection. Could you be more specific about the link path to the setting?

As far as I can tell (and I'm not an expert) there's nothing special about the data format on the Android phone, - what matters is the location/file structure. So, you can just manually copy things back to the phone after it has been restored. The one exception is installing Apps - you copy the App files over and then must select them on the phone to install the application.

It is the location/file structure that I am concerned about. I don't know the specifics of what Android expects and copying files from the memory to a computer and then back again certainly does not guarantee that the files will end up back in the same place as they were to begin with. Perhaps that is not important. I just don't know.

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