D5200/3200 Where is the Dynamic Range (shadows or highlights)

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Re: D5200/3200 Where is the Dynamic Range (shadows or highlights)

rhlpetrus wrote:

The D3200's sensor is another model, it's more like the D700's in design. The D5200's and D7100's (I assume) are made by Toshiba, and are close to the D7000's in design (but not quite same).

The issue has more to do with tone curve used, actually. The default jpegs from D7000 don't do justice to the full DR of sensor and I assume that will be true as well of D5200/D7100. You need to tweak the curve in-camera if you are a jpeg shooter, or adapt your workflow in PP.

Then you need to be careful with exposure, so that HLs are not clipped in RAW. It's not that easy to clip HLs with the D7000, but once you do, forget it, there goes the color balance of area, this is partiuclarly problematic for portarits and the RED channel.

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Really?  The D3200/5200 while not identical are very close on DXO with the 5200 being just a little bit better in each category.

JPEG curves aren't a big deal since I shoot 100% RAW so my big concern is RAW highlight retention.

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