cleaning of Epson 3880 maintenance tank

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Re: cleaning of Epson 3880 maintenance tank

Ursula Freer wrote:

HotArt wrote:

That is what I thought.

By the way the modification I made to fill Cone's 80 ink cartridges from the top is still working with no problems at all.

I tried to find your original post regarding this modification but could not find it.

Would you refer me to it? Thanks!

Ursula, I am the one who modified the 80ml carts for top fill.

I would recommend against it unless you have the capability of drilling very precisely located holes. The holes would have to be a a 5/32" diameter or better yet, for a better seal with conventional colored tapped silicone plugs, #24 / 0.148" diameter for a better tighter seal.

The new position for the holes is actually on the far left side side of the cart and not where originally done, which was not a good position resulting in ruined carts.

If anything goes wrong the carts will not be able to achieve the correct positive pressure and it will be useless.

I would strongly suggest you do not do this unless you have to precision drilling equipment.

Joe ( jtoolman )

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