NEX7N or FUJI X100S or ... ?

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Re: NEX7N or FUJI X100S or ... ?

cyrilo wrote:


Now I am expecting much more from the next generation from both, NEX7N and FUJI X100S.


I wouldn't expect an IQ leap with the X100S, but more of a usability and snappiness leap

The X-trans sensor is, I believe, based on 5N, D7000, K5, etc. tech. but with a custom (pseudo random) color layout, and not a regular Bayer layout. They may get an IQ edge due to the removed AA filter.

The X-trans v. 2 is based NEX-6 sensor tech due to the OSPDAF ability, that is my guess, so IQ performance-wise I would not expect an IQ leap for the X100S.

The NEX-7N however, could provide some nextgen performance, probably the same as D5200 (1/3 stop better low light performance), but hopefully significantly better.

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