Question about image stabilization on EPM-2 + hands-on comments.

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Question about image stabilization on EPM-2 + hands-on comments.

Hi there fellow µ4/3ers,

Saturday, I bought an EPM-2, along with the kit lens (so so) and the fantastic Leica DG 25 1.4.
All in all, I'm very positively surprised by the camera. I read tons of reviews and comments before making my decision, but you never really know until you handle the camera.

My fears were about ergonomics: I like shooting in aperture priority mode, and actually the camera has such a level of customization that I rapidly found all I needed for a small carry-everywhere camera.

The build quality is only so-so, but I'm ok with that as everything is well adjusted. Also, the camera is ridiculously light. That's quite incredible to have such great image quality in such a small package!

Concerning image quality, it's all good. I come from Canon DSLR (50D and 600D), and all I can say is that my Canon never delivered better files!

Noise levels are really low, a very nice step up from the old 12megapixels Panasonic sensor.
Colours are vibrant without being overdone, typical Olympus, very nice! The jpegs are very very nice, with great detail and noise suppression. I did not test DR for the moment.
And with the Panasonic 25 1.4, sharpness is incredible!

Now the bad thing and my question!

I was very excited about using a fast prime lens on a camera with in-body image stabilization.
I already used a Sigma 30 1.4 on my Canon, but had no IS. I also used many zooms with IS, but they were quite slow. Here, I could have both...BUT...

...image stabilisation in this camera seems to have little or no effect at all!

Even worse, I saw some pictures at fast shutter speeds (1/200) completely blurred while they were tack sharp when shooting with IS off.

I have read several things about in camera IS, and I know it's not as efficient as in-lens IS (except maybe on the OMD). But I did not expect such bad performance.

I was expecting a consistent one stop improvement, or two. With in-lens IS, I get between 3 and 4 stops. But here, I could not positively say I get one single stop. There is simply no difference at all between IS on and OFF. I tested every mode, by the way, just in case.

I know the sensor IS moving, because when shooting at very slow shutter speeds, I can see the sensor move (lens removed) and hear it clearly too.

What is your experience with this camera? How many stops improvement do you get? Do I have a faulty camera, or is it simply the way it is?
That would be a shame, since Olympus is advertising their cameras as having IS for every lens, but in fact, it's not working at all? Marketing scam?

Thanks you very much for your answers, I will return the camera as soon as possible if it's faulty.


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