7100 taking d300s flagship status, NO say Nikon Europe.

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Re: 7100 taking d300s flagship status, NO say Nikon Europe.

TITCHY wrote:


however i asked Nikon (Europe) if the claims were indeed true .and got a pretty catagoric "NO" also in their reply they advise watching out for future announcements ,and although the person composing the letter was careful not to give anything concrete away ,there are several hints , that give hope at least for a real D300s successor in the not too distant future.



this is really a great news to a bad situation, truly unique in the entire photography scene. I cannot think of any comparable development at all. Just think of the paradox, as a DX shooter you have to take the smallest, cheapest body to achieve better high ISO and twice the resolution! And that endures for years.

Recently Nikonrumors showed a page from Japanese photography magazine with a mockup of one "D9000" camera, maybe this is where Nikon is going to: 3-digits reserved for FX bodies, and 4digits for DX bodies?

In any case, thanks a lot for sharing this information with us. Its a first and only statement from Nikon which I saw so far in this regard.


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