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Re: This guidance is not fully reliable

The idea here is referring only to center crosstype focus points, but here is this target, which you claim is not reliable, using both center and outer (non-crosstype) points. It's a D600 but outer focus points are the same in how they identify focus.

LV vs. VF at f/1.8, first center point, then outer point. I verified LV focus by repeatedly checking and comparing with manual focus. I checked the VF auto focus in a comparison a few dozen times at least. I mean, for dog's sake, it was next to impossible to not get excellent focus with the outer point, not to mention the center point! I couldn't not get the center point to not focus and there was only one time where using the outer point I wasn't sure about focus (it was either good or off but too close to say for sure).

Based on my very thorough test my conclusion is that this is a particularly excellent target at least for the center point and I would say also excellent for outer points (of course, depending on where the focus point is, assuming someone is not silly to put it where it obviously can't achieve focus).

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