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John W Hall Contributing Member • Posts: 549
Lay flat for panoramas?

Petruska wrote:

from Adorama compared to the others that I used. They use a unique system of printing your entire book in one long accordian style sheet to allow the pages to lay flat, it works well.

Bob P.

Lay-flat looks interesting. I've been thinking about ways to print some panoramas, about six feet to 20 feet wide, in an elegant but easily-transported format. (my car maxes out at 9 feet for a stretched canvas).

For easy & damage-resistant transport I've been having some laminated (between clear vinyl(?) sheets), so can roll these up and keep them handy on the back seat, and show them as examples of my images, but they are not hang-on-the-wall elegant.

One idea is inspired by the Jewish Torah: Scrolls on a pair of rollers, but I think that would be difficult to handle when viewing.

With Adorama's (or other) lay-flat options, are individual images limited in width to the width of an accordion fold, or can an image extend over a fold?

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