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yray wrote:

I appreciate the effort you've gone through. I don't really question your experience, I just have a different one with this lens. Clearly your mileage may vary depending on the individual copy.

I think it is important to know the limitations of your equipment, so you can either work around them or have a reasonable expectation of the outcome when using certain settings, focal ranges, techniques, etc.   Some people seem to think there is no value in performing test shots of brick walls, newspapers, etc.  Just 'got out and take pictures' they say.  I did that with my 80-400 and was disappointed with the results.   Did some specific tests, and quickly found out where the weak spots of both lens and technique were.

The learning curve I had with the lens wasn't short, but it became a lot shorter once I did some controlled tests to see what worked and what didn't (or barely made any difference).   Were I to go on a safari with any of my lenses, I'd know how to use them to best effect, particularly if I were trying to take a shot that was going to need considerable cropping.   I would recommend anyone going on safari be able to test out there equipment well ahead of time so they know exactly how to use it when that once-in-a-big-expensive-trip shot comes along for a brief moment.

Reminds me of Sigma 150-500 I once tried. Many people seem to really like it, but my copy was pretty awful, -- so I returned it and never tried another one.

The Sigma long zooms sound like a big gamble to me, both in terms of reliability and in IQ.   I've seen too many reports of issues there.   Their primes seem exactly the opposite - high IQ and reliable.

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