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Re: Secret Handshake quircks

If you actually ever used this lens, you must have had a bad copy. Mine is tack sharp wide open throughout the range. No zoom creep what so ever. No focusing issues. Minimum focus is 1.5 meters - not good, but not what you say. Weight is 750g, not light, but not as heavy as the Ziess 24-70mm.

Mine must have been bad then. Yet there are other reports of hazing wide open elsewhere, including Kurt Munger. The lens barrel is super heavy, metal. It's not hard to imagine, that the average copy out there will extends on its own while hanging the camera down your neck or down a sling. I've walked around with it a few times, and it was so darn uncomfortable.

Focus distance is worse than 1.5 when zooming in. I have two other heavy uncomfortable lenses of the same era, the BC and BBC. My shelf is full of metal lenses 28-80 as well. 50/1.7....

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