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Hello Answell,

Tamron 17-50mm 2.8... I am also not convinced that it is any better (sharper) than the Minolta 24-85mm that I have been using.

Purportedly the 24-85 requires stopping down, whereas I can clearly see that most of my Tamron shots are tack sharp wide open. Faster means doing things in side you'd otherwise would not.

keep the 50mm 1.7, the 28mm 2.8

The 50/1.7 needs stopping down to 2.2 or 2.8 even to become tack sharp, but then it is indeed very very good. But the 50/1.7 + 28/2.8 cost is... I guess it still doesn't approach the Tamron price. That Tamron is indeed expensive. And if you'd already have the two primes, then indeed, it's a good option to simply stick with it. One can get handy with flipping lenses. The only thing I'm missing is a lens holder with a built-in cap at the bottom. Or else, cap-less, and with a rigid bottom...

the (beercan) 70-210mm

I recently acquired the BC. Right away I see it needs stopping down. So what's the point of f4 if the Sony 55-200 is at least as sharp (which I have as well)... Bokeh. It does look creamierer. I'll have to play with it more this summer.

And re international sellers vs North America sellers. Indeed too many sellers have little $ signs in their eyes, and think their lenses are holy or something. I went for the 28-135 once... Had it, hated it, sold it, good riddance. Not hard to compete with that lens at all, IMO. The 55-200 had a much higher success rate for one.

But what are those Asian lens sources? Used ones too? The only sources I know are KEH (which *sucks* for shipping to Canada), Adorama, BH Photo (both have excellent Canadian shipping options), Ebay, and then specifically instead of and then asking the seller to ship to Canada some of whom think Canada has the koodies or something ;-), the local kijiji, another local online classified, craigslist (sucks where I am). That's it.

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