glossy monitor screen versus matte?

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Re: glossy monitor screen versus matte?

Lyle Aldridge wrote:

rio911 wrote:

Hi Msongs,

The only reason to have reflections on a glossy screen is the wrong lighting source & position. I can't say that glossy is better, don't have the experience but I have worked only on glossy and I only get a problem with reflections if there is something wrong with the available room lighting. A quick monitor or lighting position adjustment usually takes care of that... unless in your case everything is fixed...

Could you perhaps elaborate? In my case, repositioning most light sources is not a problem, but the light that creates the seemingly insoluble problem is the light produced by the monitor itself. Once I get the room lighting reduced to the point where I'm not seeing reflections of every lamp, table and chair in the room, I get reflections of my own head and face.

I have two monitors on my pc at home. One glossy, one matte. I only get annoying glare on the glossy one when the sun shines through the window behind me.

Maybe your overall lighting is too dark. I have 160 watts of flourescent light over me. With a generally bright room you can turn up the brightness on the monitor and not see yourself?

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