why the different bulb connector?

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Re: why the different bulb connector?

RS_RS wrote:

Steve Balcombe wrote:

RS_RS wrote:

Actually there are three fittings, not two. Early EOS bodies (like the EOS-1 I had in 1990) had a horrible screw-in fitting that spent most of its time getting cross-threaded or coming undone, one of the worst bits of design for something simple that I have come across.

I think what you are describing is just a standard mechanical cable release - it had a conical screw thread which as you rightly say was prone to coming undone. I'm not aware of it being used on any digital SLRs but I've never looked at the earliest ones.

Not so. Early EOS SLRs had a 3-pin electrical fitting but instead of the current push-lock the connector was held in palce by a screw-in collar. I never had any problems with the old mechanical cable releases, but the early EOS electrical one was a nightmare.

Ah right. I'm sure you can see how your description sounded like the traditional cable release though - screw in and prone to coming undone.

I knew my EOS 10 didn't have an electronic wired release but I've just refreshed my memory and it didn't have a cable release of any kind - just the RC-1 infra-red remote. (It's pretty remarkable, btw, that 20-odd years later the RC-1 remote still works with my 7D. A victory for common sense!)

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