Sony Playmemories Software: what is it good for?

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Re: Sony Playmemories Software: what is it good for?


Playmemories is an "updated " version of the old PMB that came with the Sony DSLR's etc, however it's useful because it recognises the RAW's from NEX cameras which (since the recent update) PMB doesn't. Other features include a basic but quite competent editing programme and various file sharing & other options - click on the "Tools" option to see all

I found that using the usb connection to down load files took a long time (with my pretty elderly computer) so I now use a card-reader which takes about a third as long and download them into Windows Explorer & PMH then automatically imports them - I don't have wi-fi myself so can't comment on that aspect but was seriously hacked off when Sony disabled PMB as it's easier to use and faster than PMH.

I hadn't noticed the large file size but in these days of big hard-drives who cares ??

I hope this is vaguely helpful as there seemed to be several misunderstandings above !

Good luck


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