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dof calculator

i made a dof claculator for my own needs and decided to put it online.

key bad sides:

0. bad graphics.
1. you have to press a button to get results.
2. no presets, so max circle of confusion has to be configured manually.
3. doesn't care about theoretical limits - wave length and interference.
key good sides:
0. permits to specify any sensor size (in millimeters)
1. permits to copy/paste data easily, no flash/etc.
2. permits to compare various focus lengths/apertures/distances/sensors/CoC/etc in one table easily.
3. show tons of useless funny information.
4. calculates macro zone correctly (unless i messed something up :)).
5. allows to specify the diameter of the photographed objects and see how big space it will take on picture.
6. allows to use any nonstandard diameter for aperture hole.
7. converts resulting distances to various length units.

the thing is pretty 'scary' looking, but perhaps somebody might find it useful. main reason why i needed it as an illustration and ability to compare/show various variants in a single table.

ps. sorry for my english, but i guess most of it should be understandable. in the calculator, i mean.

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