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Re: D300 AF & Mettering questions

monographix wrote:

1. The Center Weighted metering circle area options correspond to the 23.6 x 15.8 mm dimensions of the sensor ? In order to perceive the area they cover should they be placed in a 23.6 x 15.8 mm frame as i am showing here?

this diagram above is simplistic, I'm pretty sure the actual metering area will look more like a ball hitting concrete viewed from the side.

If we are shooting action (airshows) and its difficult to keep the subject continuously on the center area would be better maybe to use the Matrix metering?

Its quite possible you wan't want the subject to be in the centre area anyway.

When shooting against the sky, here are three possible scenarios. The easiest is a blue sky day when everything ends up comfortably within the camera's DR - so no probs to meter with any mode. Its harder for the other two where the subject is dark against a bright cloudy sky, or bright against a dull moody sky. You could spot meter, but I'd shoot in manual using the LCD and histogram to assist in achieving the best reading. Although this will only be set for one area of the sky, you would need a very precise spot meter to track an aircraft accurately as it flies by. But the best angle or shot should be in a predictable location, so set your meter for that area.

Whatever you are currently doing, it seems to be working fine. This is a tricky shot to meter as its a dark object on a bright sky, but it looks spot on to me:


2. When we place the focus points selector to Lock position, does that mean that when using Dynamic Area AF mode the camera won't track the subject using other focus point except the one where the selector was locked at ? In other words , this Lock switch locks ONLY the selector switch so you can't choose MANUALLY focus points or does it lock ALSO the focus points used in the AF system ?

Try it for yourself and find out. You don't need a moving object, the tracking will lock onto a static object if you move the camera round.


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