Starting out in Manual modes

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Re: Starting out in Manual modes

John Sheehy wrote:

If you are a Canon user, for example, you are out of luck. Canon doesn't seem to have a clue about what auto-ISO is or can be. Canon DSLRs have no EC control for auto-ISO-M, and auto-ISO is disabled when flash is enabled, except in a very limited range in P mode, something which has made me want to swing my 7D around by the strap and smash it against a rock a number of times when I wanted flash fill and auto-ISO.

I'm surprised that I'm just learning this. Here, I was always jealous of Canon users with their easily adjusted ISO versus the forced two-handed adjusted both my D300s and D3s require (yes, I know there is a kludged workaround but it's just that, a kludge). Until the latest Nikon's (D4, D800, D600) arrived with their "easy-ISO" mode and the D4's ability to re-program a button for one handed ISO adjustment, I thought Canon was the smarter company. Now that I use auto-ISO almost exclusively, I'm so rarely reaching for that button that I don't care any more. And now to find out that Canon is the one that has really screwed up their cameras makes me feel a lot better about shooting Nikon. Ok, there's plenty more reasons why I prefer Nikon but the ISO button thing has always been a source of aggravation to me

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