Sony Playmemories Software: what is it good for?

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Re: Sony Playmemories Software: what is it good for?

I am wondering what does this software really do?

Well, I know one thing for sure: in order to import images from camera to the computer through wi-fi, I need this software.I also know it is a image viewer.

Is this software necessary for whoever wants to buy applications for their cameras from Sony store?

Well, but there is something I don't understand.  I only need this software for wi-fi and I checked its related folder in programs folder measure 420MB. As a comparison, the full fledged Photoshop CS6 measures about 510MB . I find Playmemrioes is too big for what it does and moreover, is is excessive to force users to use such a large software for only a small driver/utility they need for wirelessly moving files from camera to their computers. I don't need any other functionality of this software whatever it is (media browser, etc.).

As a comparison, the Sony's  Wireless Auto Import under Mac which is used for importing files through wi-fi is only a few MB in size. Why isn't it available under Windows?

On my desktop I have plenty of space so it may not be an issue giving some space to a software for which I have no use. But, on my laptop, I have only a small size SSD and I would rather not waste the space for anything I don't need.

It looks like Sony is trying to walk on the Apple's footprint which pushes everybody to install and use iTunes for their iPhones. iTunes is one software I am not interested in at all (and so much I dislike syncing the way Apple has implemented it). For all the years I was a Mac user, I only used it when I had to (syncing my iPhone with  my computer). Now I no longer have an iphone or a Mac and there is absolutely no reason for iTunes.

I think Sony should provide a small utility/driver for those who only need the wi-fi function of their camera.

Send Sony a suggestion sbout the wireless utility for Windows, it's a good idea.

I think you're being a tad paranoid about the iTunes comparison.

No offense but you're thinking way too hard, hard drive space is as cheap as chips.

However you can delete the subfolders HDauthor, Help, and in the Resources folder all languages you don't need. That cuts it down to about half, give or take.


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