How to get prints that are like what you see on screen

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Print on clear paper and backlight it (nt)

GreenMountainGirl wrote:

I know that my monitor is not the best, but my editing is done as soft proofing, so thought that would help. Example, I have a picture of a squirrel. Processed it from a copy of the original (a jpeg) - First in LR, then in PSE. I could see that my results were different, but both looked pretty much OK. When I printed, one was too green, the other was too yellow.

Of course I could tweak the images and keep printing until I got one I like, but that uses a lot of ink and paper. Any suggestions would be much appreciated so (hopefully) I can get it right without printing it over and over. I do have paper printable on two sides, which helps!

Always shoot in RAW now, but this still happens. These images are now in my gallery, if you want to see them. (I don't know how to insert them into this posting.) On the screen they don't look too bad. But printed there is green in the squirrel's tail in one, and in the other one the bird food is pretty yellow and the squirrel has brown/yellow patches on its face and ears.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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