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jonrobertp wrote:

So much talk about the 7DII...which is half a year away or more, while the 70D is scheduled for next month .

So lets talk about the new 70D instead !! ...a camera to successfully compete with the D7100.

1. Take the 7D af and refine it a bit. Even add a few more sensors. Easy to beat the AF of the 7100 since it only has 15 cross sensors all in one bunch in the middle. The single ones...always weaker.

2. Size it close to the 60D. Smallish is more discrete.

3. Native iso 12800...and make it a bit better than any crop sensor out right now. They can do it, if they want to. This detail will sell more bodies...worth the extra coin. It can be done.

5. Keep the price under 1500....even if it means only about 7 fps, no swivel, and no gimmics. Just fine high IQ performance.

Your interests may vary...of course....but many of us don't need the 10fps and higher price...and would really like a new body for spring & summer...vs waiting until summer is over. Right ? yeah !

I predict...Canon will announce before mid March.

I'm with you on the wait for a 70D!  I'm considering a 7D, but am turned off by the weight compared to the 60D.  I hope that Canon will continue to offer a larger body, crop sensor camera at a competitive price point like Nikon's 7100.  I would like to see a 70D body priced no more than $1200.

As for specs, the Digic 5 sensor is what's out there and two are rumored to be going in the 7DmkII.  If Canon can fit 24 mp's for the mkII, why not put one in a 70D?  I like the idea of borrowing the 7D's AF system, but would think something between the mkII and current 7D is doable.  I'll take  7 fps all day and be happy.  No swivel, no bluetooth, and no wifi is fine by me.  A little more weather sealing than the 60D and autofocus in video mode would be nice.  Increase the IQ and NR at high ISO and the camera is a no brainer for me.  I hope Canon is listening!

Are we there yet?

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