What lense or lenses would you recommend a starting photographer?

Started Feb 25, 2013 | Questions thread
kgbruce01 Senior Member • Posts: 1,245
Whichever one comes with the kit. (nt)

Even Steven wrote:

Hi my name is Steven and since I have a lot of spare time I thought it would be nice to buy a DSLR and take some pictures of, well, I haven't really decided yet what I would like to do... I live near a forest and a river so I'm probably gonna shoot at the riverside, taking shots of passing boats and other landscape photo's. Of course it will probably be used for birthday-pictures, holiday-pictures etcetera as well

I've done some searching and I think my camera of choice is the Nikon D5100. I can buy it at the shop, with the standard kit-lens of 18-55mm for 480 euros or I can buy one directly from the Nikon website with a 18-105mm lense for 710 euros. But that same lense can be purchased on the internet for 181 euros, so if I want that lense I'm better off buying just the body and buying the lense seperatly.

So my question is, what lense am I -as a novice photographer- going to need most? Also, is there a big diffrence in the lenses made by Nikon, or say, Canon?

Thanks in advance!


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