D800 is within factory standard! Needs +20 to stop it front focusing.

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Re: D800 is within factory standard! Needs +20 to stop it front focusing.

primeshooter wrote:

Received a mail regarding my D800 which has been at Nikon, Surrey for 3 weeks now:

I have spoken to the workshop manager and he has advised me that after careful examination your D800 is to Nikon standard and does not need any adjusting.

From the sample image you provided, he has commented that the shooting conditions may have caused issues that you are currently experiencing with the focus. Shooting in low light with a low contrast on a focus point that has small detail is a difficult subject for the autofocus to pick up so it is unable to create sharp images.

The unit has been through a full diagnostic test and it has also been tested by our professional department, work shop manager and service manager and they are all confident that the unit is to Nikon standard and the focus is correct. They are currently looking into the points that you raised in your previous email and are carrying out tests under these circumstances.


To say I am not best pleased is an understatement. I need to apply ridiculous AF fine tune of +20 applied for EVERY lens I own (yes every) to make the camera focus correctly but since I am at the end of the scale, don't know if I could achieve sharper results. Yet they tell me this is within spec with no mention of why I am at the end of the AF fine tune scale with no where to go. They also don't seem to have an answer of why this camera severely front focuses with good light as WELL as bad light. They also don't seem to understand that I am saying it is consistently front focusing. Just keep telling me it's within spec. They have been looking at it for 3 weeks, camera has had a battery related issue, been off to get that fixed, then the remote terminal broke and had to be sent off, now I am stuck with them telling me this is as good as it gets...Total nonsense, as even downsizing the images that are front focused to 12mp, it's still clear the D700 and D3s would have done a much better job. I just want this fixed!

Ask the retailer for a refund.  Explain that it is not fit for purpose and the law says it should be replaced.  To say something is within some imaginary spec is scandalous from a multinational company.  We know they are lying or they would tell us what the spec was.

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