glossy monitor screen versus matte?

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Seems to vary individually

I think this varies from person to person, perhaps based on some immutable physiological difference in our eyes or brains. I, for one, am mystified by claims that blacks look blacker on a glossy display. I have exactly the opposite impression. Black on a a glossy display never looks as black to me as it does on matte. And try as I might, I cannot train my eyes or brain to ignore the reflections from a glossy screen, and I tire more quickly when using one. It's hard for me to comprehend how others use them and swear by them, but I know they do.

I do wonder, though, where you're shopping. I was looking at monitors just a few days ago at Best Buy and Staples, and at least 90% of those I saw had matte screens. At Staples, I think an HP2511x was the only glossy monitor in the entire store. Laptops, of course, run otherwise, which is the main reason I have a Lenovo Thinkpad.

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