Well, After a lot of searching- reviewing posts... thinking XZ-2 but.... Low light/action question..

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it can show in reals life samples

joe6pack wrote:

I am aware of the color accuracy of the LX7. LX3/5/7 color tends to be cooler. But in real life samples, it is not that obvious. Olympus itself is on the warm scale too. I suppose the color can be fixed via RAW?

It got mixed results from my LX3.

Sometimes excellent, but also quite often a strong shift to green/cyan. I could correct this partially with the very fine presets, but skin tones - esp. lips - often would come out totally off in color.

I've tried RAW a few times, but good results were not easy to get. Blame it on me or the complicated Silkypix software...

Lightroom or other software may be better, so you need to try and see if color is a deal breaker or not.

This aside, LX7 is a real bargain offer:

Very sharp lens with extreme brightness, excellent controls on a well-built and slim body.

If I wanted 24mm again, I'd probably get one, but 112mm is more important for me. Color and lack of zoom for portraits were the main reasons I came back to Olympus.


PS: The JPG-test charts on dpr cannot represent the different color presets most cameras offer.

e.g. Olympus offers very different & useful presets like vivid, natural, portrait or muted. You can play with them in the RAW editor - OlyViewer2. This is a great workflow.

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