Why do they still put PC Sockets on cameras

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Re: RF is the way

Leonard Migliore wrote:

AllMankind wrote:

Barrie Davis wrote:

AllMankind wrote:

I have never had a problem, and I shoot mostly studio using RF Triggers.

Maybe it's your equipment.

I have been using wired flash triggering to my main light for 50 years of pro shooting. Yes, the 3mm co-ax PC socket can be a source of problems, but 97% of the time it works well enough. It's never been so bad I felt the need to replace it with an IR or other wireless link, at least, not for indoor shooting.

I used to use the standard PC socket to fire my studio strobes. Then I went to the light sensitive triggers, but they have problems in high ambient light. Eventually I went with RF and couldn't be happier

I love NOT being tethered to my strobes. It was always an irritation having that snyc cord trailing away from my camera, and I was always worried about tripping over it and damaging some of my equipment.

That said, I also never really had any issues using the PC socket.

Yep, lots of trip wires there. It's much easier to use radio triggers.

Not all trip-ups involve the feet, Leonard.

For an example, this is the kind of trouble plain old sync leads don't give you, not even on a bad day. I observe that the Lighting Forum is weighed down by wireless synching problems like this....


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