Is a gun all that much protection after all?

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Is a gun all that much protection after all?

So what do you do.

When someone brakes into your house yelling, screaming give us your money and waving a gun around?

Do you try to keep things calm and give them your money and car keys and say go and leave us in peace, or do you go to try get your gun and inflame the situation, and may be get your self and family killed?

Same with your car, if someone tries to steal it do you try to find your gun and have a shootout and with a possible 50% chance of getting your self killed, or may be a bystander with you, or give them the keys ?

Even you think you have the upper hand in any of these situations there's a good chance you will get your self killed.

Please put some thought in to your answer?

I would like to hear from the people that make the comment that a gun is protection, and when if ever they would try it on with a criminal with not a lot to loose if caught up in a gun fight.


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