Pentax K5, worth buying instead of nikon?

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Re: Pentax K5, worth buying instead of nikon?

gdourado wrote:

Having said that, the difference you stated with the flash system also makes me wonder. I don't see myself buying multiple flashes do to complex lightning setups, but I do see myself using an external flash on camera to bounce of ceilings and walls and using with a diffuser.

Is there a problem with the Pentax TTL metering of flash for bounce?

Also, the DA* lenses seem really appealing, expecially the setup of the 16-50, 50-135 and 55.

They are expensive, but not more expensive than Nikon offerings on such lenses... But the SDM failure issues on such lenses has me worried... Big investment to have the lens fail in such short times...

All in all, I will go to a store again today and handle both cameras and see if I come to a decision.

I guess in the end of the day, the best thing to do is pick a camera and lens and go out and shot, instead of being at the computer reading forums and reviews and online stores and thinking about what to buy next... But that is a compulsory disorder of the modern days I guess...


When I shoot events with two K-5s, there is a Pentax 540 on each hot shoe.

The cameras are on manual exposure. The flashes are on P-TTL.  Indoors or undercover, each flash is flagged with the black foamy thing because I'm bouncing off walls and ceilings.

I adjust the EV on the flash, usually -1, based on a test shot and the histogram.  That compensates for ceiling heights, ceiling angles, stuff hanging off the ceilings, how reflective surfaces are, etc.  As I move around a room, I check the histogram as I always do in any session.

My results are consistent.  Here are two examples. 

Bill Leslie at Page Walker.

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