Sigma has created the "Ultimate Ricoh GXR"

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Re: Is the GXR really modular?

Marty4650 wrote:

In my view, a modular camera should give you the ability to swap sensors, viewfinders, lenses, grips, and rear displays. The system that comes closest to this is the Red Video Cameras . Most medium format cameras are modular in that sense, since you can swap the back, the lenses, and the viewfinders.

What Ricoh has done is to simply bundle the two most expensive components of a cameras... the sensor and the lens, and this has the effect of almost making you buy a new camera each time you want to use a different lens.

Now Sigma has gone one better and taken the "almost" out of the equation. With the DP Merrill system, you really have to buy a new camera every time you want to use a different focal length.

This GXR concept was designed to make you waste your money on lenses that will become obsolete the day that a sensor can be improved. And this happens very frequently today, as each generation of sensor seems to outdo the last one. Lenses without sensors built in can last 50 years or more, but who really wants a great lens with a ten year old sensor welded onto it?

As an example.... you could buy s GXR body for $249 and add a P10 "lensor" for $429 more. You now have a 28-300mm superzoom camera for a total cost of $680. The only problem is you can buy a much better superzoom camera from Panasonic, Canon or Sony for around $250.

A truely modular system though would entail a much greater commiment and would by its nature become more "fussy", not really the market Rioch seemed to be aiming at.

As I said I think the basic concept of the GXR makes sense, its just that Rioch havent backed it up with the correct releases. You've got one body and every lens/sensor module people seem interested in is ASPC which defeats the purpose. The kind of releases that would make it more interesting are I'd say...

Higher end body with EVF, flip screen and grip.

1" sensor normal zoom lens ala RX100

1/1.7" sensor with long/fast tele zoom

Again as I said with the Sigma I don't really think there target market is to get people to buy all 3 cameras but rather than to get people to buy the camera with the focal lenght they want as a second body.

One suggestion I'd make to Sigma is consider a DP with an ultrawide zoom, the resolution/colour naturally makes for a good landscape camera and you could still end up with a pretty compact body with say a 20-35mm equivilent lens.

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