A list of good/bad MFT lens for new owner?

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Re: Depends on what/how you shoot....

baxters wrote:

Jefftan wrote:

The first lens I am going to buy is the Panasonic 14mm F2.5 for my E-PL1

than either the new Olymus 14-42 II or Panasonic 14-45 to replace the kit lens (still not sure which of these 2 are better, any further comment?)

Having the 14mm gives you the advantage of size and speed, plus it's a sharp lens. Well worth $160.

I don't know that replacing the kit lens gains you much other than bragging rights like "my lens is sharper than yours", what has changed?. Still a kit lens, limited in speed, although the Panasonic 14-45 is good. The money might be better spent toward the 20mm and 45mm primes. Both add new capabilities to your camera. Or you could get the 40-150 zoom instead. Then there's the Panasonic 25mm or a Oly 17mm. Consider a .74X wide angle adapter like the DMW-MA1 for your 14mm too.

Yes, it depends entirely what shoot most with your E-PL1.

14 f2.5 is good as a portable travel lens due to its compact design (and fairly cheap to procure!)

Next step is perhaps looking to at a telephoto zoom? 45-150 or 45-175 X would be good suggestions, as this covers you in the tele end?

As baxter said, swapping kit lenses is generally a waste of money. Unless you're absolutely sure you WANT the 14-45 over 14-42 / 14-42 II / 14-42 X. Granted, the IQ of the 14-45 is better, but all things being relative, it would be a £80 upgrade.

That money would be better spent saving towards a 12-35 X (or olympus variant... whenever it comes out) that would let you go much further.

Or a decent tripod that would benefit a lot if you shoot landscapes + night photography.

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