What the 'I want more pixels' brigade don't consider!

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Re: What the 'I want more pixels' brigade don't consider!

Model Mike wrote:

BobORama wrote:

As a general rule, more pixels = better IQ. Plain and simple. If you disagree, please provide an example of a Pentax model with higher pixel count went along with lower IQ.

My well specified PC works fine with 16MP files. Give it 20MP and it would groan, at 24MP it would roll over, and at 33MP it would die. Can you explain how your equation would work in the last case?

Mike, Simon's original post was about perceived image problems from higher pixel count.  On an imaging basis those perceptions are false: Bob is right that more pixels = better IQ.

There's a separate question, that Simon didn't raise, about whether you as an individual want that better IQ.  For you the better IQ would come at a cost in computer hardware and storage that you don't want to bear That's just as true as Bob's proposition but on a different plane and doesn't negate what he says.

This is analogous in some ways to the FF/MF debate: MF beats FF beats APS-C beats ... (at equal states of technology).  But not that many want to spend on FF and very few indeed on MF, or carry them around.

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