7100 taking d300s flagship status, NO say Nikon Europe.

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Re: Not exactly the response I had from Nikon..its so obvious that a D400 is coming

rhlpetrus wrote:

Andy Evans wrote:

Before I saw your thread I already asked as well.

I got my response this morning and it's not exactly what you got.... Very cryptic!

My response and my original question are below.

Dear Andrew ,

Thank you for your email.

Nikon cameras are rarely direct replacements however they can in some cases be considered to supercede some older models. The D7100 is still considered a consumer level camera so it would not be accurate to describe it as a direct replacement for the D300S which is in the professional range.

Should you require further assistance please do not hesitate to reply to this email.

Kind Regards,

John Murphy
Nikon Europe Support

Andrew Evans 21/02/2013 | 07:23 PM


I have noted the D7100 announcement and as a D300s owner looking at his future options, can you confirm whether the D7100 is the official replacement for the D300s please?

Thank you.

Andy Evans

Somehow these people are being quite explicit. I'd take the opp and reply saying that "I will wait for the D300s replacement then", and I think every D300/D300s' owner in the same situation should write Nikon, in particular Nikon Europe.

It's pretty clear Nikon does not consider the D7100 either a replacement of the D300s or a merger of D7000 and D300s lines. So it's possible, but not certain, that there will be a D400. If Nikon see more and more people interested, they may go the way of bringing it sooner, not waiting for next Canon's move.

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Agreed, that email is another confirmation. It is so obvious one is on the way.

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