Black body a must for your X100s purchase decision?

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Ray Sachs
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Re: Black body a must for your X100s purchase decision?

BobYIL wrote:

FYI, my black D800E apparently "annoys" almost everbody around if they note it raised to my eyes whereas my chrome M2 rarely gets the same attention, rarely.. Being on the rangefinders since 1963, I ordered the X100S with one thought in mind: The best street camera is the one enabling you to "focus" on the subject at any aperture the moment you "frame" your picture. Leica's can not do the "the moment" portion.

Yeah, Cartier-Bresson really sucked at getting "the moment" portion using those old film Leicas, didn't he?

If you're using auto-focus, you're spending time, no matter how little, worrying about getting the right part of the shot in focus, rather than worrying about nailing the exact moment. The old manual focus guys used zone focus for "decisive moment" shooting for this reason. A LOT of street shooters with super fast AF cameras STILL use zone focus for street shooting, because you can compose the scene very quickly and it doesn't matter where in the scene your subject is - he or she will be in focus.

I shoot street with the X-Pro all the time, and with the OMD, and LX7, and GXR. Used to use an X100 (but like things a bit wider). The only time I use auto-focus is when there simply isn't enough light to zone focus and keep the aperture small enough. But with the huge DOF of the new 14mm lens, I can zone focus with it wide open at f2.8 and use the incredible sensor to shoot up to ISO6400 and it works well in VERY low light situations.

I know good street photography can be done with auto-focus - I've done some myself when the tools I was using wouldn't really allow anything else (lack of a distance scale makes zone focus a huge pain). But you'd be surprised at the percentage of good street photography that was, and IS, sone with MF, even when very good AF was available...

But I agree with you that the color of the camera body is about the last thing to be worried about! 

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