Black body a must for your X100s purchase decision?

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Ray Sachs
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Re: Black body a must for your X100s purchase decision?

baobob wrote:

Not compltely vwith the VF and a WA such the 23mm people they don't really know where you shoot and the camera being absolutely silent they don't know içf you have shot!

The X100 (black, mine is silver ) is excellent for discrete street candid shots.

I've done a ton of street shooting with black cameras, silver cameras, even one bright red camera. Sometimes from the eye, sometimes out in front tourist style, sometime from the hip or belly. If you think the color of your camera has ANYTHING to do with whether you're noticed or not or whether you'll get the shot you're after, you're paying attention to the wrong stuff.

Now, if you THINK something makes you more discreet and that gives you more confidence, the additional confidence might help. So if that's what it takes to help psych yourself up, knock yourself out. But to the people you're shooting out in public, there's nothing LESS important than the color of your camera, or even the size of it up to a point (a huge DSLR can certainly attract more attention than you might want, but plenty of DSLR's aren't huge). Its all about you and your attitude and your technique.

Silent shutter too. In museums these might matter, but on a busy street - not even remotely relevant.


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