EOS 6D optical viewfinder vs. Rebel T2i

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Re: EOS 6D optical viewfinder vs. Rebel T2i

clarnibass wrote:

I didn't read all the other replies so sorry if I'm repeating, but to simplify it...

The 550D (T2i) has a 22.3mm x 14.9mm sensor, so 332.3mm (square) size. The 6D has a 35.8mm x 23.9mm sensor, so 855.6mm (square) size. The 550D viewfinder magnification is x0.87 of 332.3mm which is 289.1mm (square). The 6D viewfinder magnification is x0.71 of 885.6mm which is 628.8mm (square).

So the difference is about 3 times in surface area or 1:1.75 in proportion advantage to the 6D.

Good idea to use the actual sizes to explain it, but I'm afraid your numbers are completely wrong. 0.87 and 0.71 are the linear magnifications, so if you want to compare apparent areas they must be multiplied by 0.87^2 and 0.71^2 respectively.

The actual advantage to the 6D viewfinder is 1.31x linear (as per my first post) or 1.70x area.

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