Are Canon and Nikon falling behind on entry-level DSLRs?

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Re: Are Canon and Nikon falling behind on entry-level DSLRs?

Christoph Stephan wrote:

Takagi wrote:

Entry level DSLRs are obsolete and consumers are gradually realizing that. Nikon and Canon will probably continue, in the short term, to provide something for the consumer that still wants an entry level DSLR but don't expect them to put much effort into developing a dinosaur.

I strongly disagree.

For trekking you need a combination of little weight and low battery consumption, and in the latter department, they will be always have an advantage because the light for the OVF is free.

In addition, they make a great back-up camera for the owner of a bigger more "professional" DSLR as they seamlessly blend into the system of lenses and flashes.

Perhaps they should not be named "entry-level" but "compact" SLRs, athough another important function of them is to lure new users into the fascinating SLR-world - the move up to a bigger SLR will be easier....

Definately, I think its always underestimated just how many people view larger sensor cameras as "holiday cameras" more than anything else. Add to that theres likely the potential for DSLR's to feature EVF's aswell with a similar system to Fuji's recent mirrorless, the reverse can obviously not happen.

I suspect what we'll see is more a spilt in the tradisional entry level market, the really ultra cheap end will go more towards mirrorless were as DSLR's will carry on filtering down more high end features into smaller bodies.

DSLR's have I'd say really only just begun to create to mirrorless and as a resuly we've not really seen the full potential of what they can offer in a smaller body. The K-30 has just brought in weather sealing and the D5200 has just brought in a high end AF system, the latter espeically will really highlight the advanatge in AF tracking DSLR's still have.

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