Pocket wizard Plus III & Flex TT5

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Re: Pocket wizard Plus III & Flex TT5

gadelrosario wrote:

DarkRain wrote:

Ok. I tested and it works.

If you go into the PocketWizard Utility and into Settings>Configuration 2>Misc and check 'Basic Trigger' check box. Click on Apply Changes. Probably goes without saying that you also have to set the SB-910 to a non-TTL flash mode.

Thanks again.

Glad to hear that you got them working together. I'm about to pull the trigger on the Plus IIIs myself.

I shoot with a Nikon D3s and D700 with 3 SB900's. To enjoy the convenience of iTTL/CLS, I bought one each of the AC3 Zone Controller, Mini TT1 Transmitter, and 3 sets of the Flex TT5. This works great and I love the convenience of iTTL plus the ability of powering on/off each speedlite and controlling the power of each speedlight from the camera position.  Hence I configure C1 on the TT5 to transmit ControlTL and Standard modes, but receive only in ControlTL mode.

Since I also shoot with other non-Nikon bodies and manually adjusted speedlites / strobes, I configure C2 on the TT5 to receive only in Standard mode.  This allows me to place a PW Plus III, set is to C2, and have it mounted at the triggering unit on the hot shoe of a non-Nikon body.

Set up this way, I set to C1 when I want the 3 TT5's to be used with Nikon bodies and hence enjoy the iTTL convenience.

When I need the TT5's to fire speedlites triggered by non-Nikon bodies, I just switch all the TT5's over to C2, mount a PW Plus III (selected to Channel 2) on any non-Nikon body, and now I trigger as many TT5's as required.  Of course, all flash on/off and power settings are done at the flash location.

Trust this sharing is helpful.


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