D300s vs D7100 - is it about spec or is it about handling?

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Re: D300s vs D7100 - is it about spec or is it about handling?

soukous wrote:

I use a D300s. I love it. It handles like a dream.

I've tried the D7000 and I didn't like it at all. I only shot a couple of frames because it just didn't feel comfortable to use. The controls were - to me - poorly laid out.

I've been reading for months now that the D300s is old hat and a new model is due. Now we have the D7100 and speculation that there will not be a D400.

So how do I upgrade?

It seems as though, in the absence of a D400 my only route is a D600.

And why do Nikon (et al) feel the need to add a video mode to every damn new model they bring out. In my view the shape and handling of a DSLR are poorly suited to video anyway. Why not be bold enough to give us a DSLR that is designed just to take great photos instead of getting into a spiralling war of features that most of us have no desire or need for.

I agree with you, particularly your feelings on video: when I want video, I'll grab an M 4/3rds body. Also, I believe Nikon will release a D300(s) upgrade. Hang in there, & while you do, remember the D300s is still an awesome body.


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