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Re: 70D fans ...

jonrobertp wrote:

If the 70 delivers the AF from the 7D...it'l be a hit. And outclass the 7100. But NOT with 9 only.

7D has more x-type AF pts than D7100, it is also spread the broadest(horizontal & vertical) among eos bodies(including 1DX) with a DUAL x-type sensor in the center. Right now, 60D beats D7100 in 15 raw buffer capacity at 14bit full resolution. All Canon needs to do in 70D's AF is refine 7D's AF; add AF sensitivity adjustment, add accel/decel adjustment, make sure the center dual x-type sensitive to -3 EV and support AF at F8. HOWEVER, I think Canon will use 6D's AF system in 70D, which will be an EPIC failure IMHO.

Canon should add these features that are already implemented in various eos bodies;

1. Quiet mode in variable frame rates.

2. Copy crop mode of D7100 in 1.2X.

3. Wifi & GPS.

4. Dual CF or SD cards would be nice, a single CF is ok, just make sure the raw buffer does not get JAM at 6th frame.

5. Like 50D, unibody alloy magnesium exterior shell, wheel/joy stick would be nice.

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