D300s vs D7100 - is it about spec or is it about handling?

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Re: D300s vs D7100 - is it about spec or is it about handling?

I agree with you Mmulder.  I'm a mix of types 2 and 3 from your post.  I am the lowest budget bird photographer you can meet.  I haven't been doing this as long as many of you have.  I have a crazy passion and a small budget.  I got a used D300 last summer and it was a major leap in my photography.  I also got a used and very cheap Tamron 200-500 last year.  Through technique and practice I have achieved results that many don't think are possible with that lens.  I have done this through technique, practice and perseverance.  For me the D300 is an amazing camera and the only reason I would like to upgrade is high iso performance.  I'm always shooting in crappy weather.  If I could shoot at 1600-3200 with much lower noise levels I could consistently have higher shutter speeds,  imperative for BIF with a slow consumer lens.

I currently have no upgrade path either. FX does not interest me for the crop factor and I know the D800 can put 16 MP on the sensor at 500mm but I can not afford it.  The D600 offers little for me as well for lack of speed and build quality.  Maybe I am the only one in the world, but I do not want FF!!

Enter the D7100.  Looks great on paper, I think it will be an awesome camera for so many people and I could probably afford it if I sold some things, but buffer and frame rate are my 2 biggest hurdles that I can't go backwards in.   Not to mention the D300 is a tank and doesn't even hiccup when I trip or I crawl on rocks.

If I could afford a 300 F2.8 or a 500 F4 that would solve all my problems and I would happily shoot with the D300 for a long time

All these little boys on here that get so worked up with the "this camera is better than your camera" or "My new shiny camera is better than your old dirty camera" just gets ridiculous after awhile because we all shoot different things.  I know cameras are just tools and they are all designed for different tasks.

I think my images will show that I have pushed the D300 (with it's ancient sensor) and the Tamron 200-500 to the max...  40K shots in a year tends to make you learn your equipment...  I certainly know why I want a D400 to be introduced...  It certainly isn't to brag about having the newest camera it is to make up for the shots I wish I had do-overs on...

I have pushed the D300 to 1600 with a little ETTR on stationary birds with some success..

I have shot at 500mm and 1/30th sec handheld with no VR..

I've crawled on the ground to get 10 feet away from a wild hawk and shot wide open

I've stalked Ospreys for weeks to get this shot..

Sorry for the long rant I got a little fired up...

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