1D mark iii owners question.

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Re: Everybody worries about shutter count

jedinstvo wrote:

If a hard drive goes belly up with 10,000 photos that's a problem. I know because it just happened to me. But if your shutter breaks Canon can install a new one. I sent a 10D in for a focusing problem and they swapped out the shutter for free.

Modern cameras are like modern cars. I remember when 100,000 miles meant a car was worn out. My SUV is now over 200,000 and runs like new. My advice is don't worry about shutter count. A camera is more likely to get dropped or stolen anyway.

Thats a fair comment, and whilst I'd agree with the sentiment of what your saying there is no denying that a camera that has 200k actuations on it has done far more work than one with 50k on it - the parts have moved much more and movement leads to degradation and weakening of components and thus a higher likelyhood of parts failure.

The irony is that some camera's will go on for 500k actuations and some will die at 10k, I also own a car with nearly 200k miles on it and it goes like new - luck of the draw I suppose!!

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