What's with the color (or lack of) in Canon's newer Powershots?

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Re: What's with the color (or lack of) in Canon's newer Powershots?

peter42y wrote:

Acording to digital camera info the 260 HS has very good color accuracy.

Digital Camera Info.

Color (14.49)
Color accuracy is above average, though not remarkably so. Errors are spread pretty evenly across the gamut, with problems in all shades, though reds and oranges were slightly worse than the rest. These tones will affect rendition of human subjects, but the errors are not severe enough to distract. More on how we test color.
We recorded a minimum error value of 2.76 in our lab test, which is just a little bit better than the 3.00 average. Saturation is a little too high, over by 7.7%.


According to imaging resource the color accuracy of the 260HS is not bad either.

Color: Overall color looks pretty good, though bright yellows and cyans are somewhat muted, while darker reds, greens and blues are pumped a little. Hue is also a little off for colors like yellow, orange and cyan. Dark skintones are fairly accurate, and lighter skin tones show a small nudge toward pink. Still, good results overall.


Saturation and accuracy are not the same thing.

Impressionist paintings were hightly saturate but not accurate.

I do not enjoy to have people with red skin , or colors that turn pictures into painting

I don't see the phrase "very good" anywhere in the DCI review.  Actually, it says that the SX260 is "just a little bit better than ... average."  Regardless, I think we can all agree that Canon still does well with color accuracy, but perhaps not as good as they once did.  For me the issue is more so that images out of the S100 (for example) just look a little blasé compared to the S95 or S90.

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