D800 (wireless) tethered shooting

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Re: D800 tethered shooting - Specifically WiFi

QUESTION: Is it possible to use a USB->WiFi adapter, connected to Nikon D800's USB socket and a power source, to at least transfer JPEGs over WiFi (not wireless USB) to some software?
I would like to implement a faster alternative to wireless shooting on my D800 than EyeFi Pro X2.

So far I understand that a DIY solution using Wireless USB (like this Cables Unlimited DisplayDock Wireless USB Docking Station ) is what people have used to get roughly 2x speed improvement over EyeFi.

What confuses me is Wireless USB (as in USB -> Some Wireless Protocol -> USB) is sometimes used in discussions / postings on the subject interchangeably with USB -> WiFi. Furthermore it seems Nikon's own adapters seem to work over bona fide WiFi, as do EyeFi cards. Do Nikon and EyeFi implement an image host/server function that a USB->WiFi adapter connected to Nikon's USB output would not?

I just need JPEGs transferred to the computer (Windows 7 if that helps) at a low latency / high speed as RAW+JPEG images are being taken.

I'd love to use 802.11ac protocol to wirelessly tether Nikon D800 to a PC for JPEGs. Perhaps ideally using Asus USB-AC53 connected to the camera and power source and talking to their RT-AC66U .

Many thanks!

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