Gx1 Wifi sync to android

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Re: Gx1 Wifi sync to android

I'm all about the cloud and real-time updates. Plus, you never know when your camera might get stolen, along with all your precious photos. I have been spoilt by the Google+ Instant Upload feature on my Galaxy Nexus where a photo gets uploaded, over 3G/Wifi, to the cloud within seconds of my taking it from the phone.

I will be able to emulate this on the GX1 if I can get the Wifi SDCARD to beam photos directly to my Nexus camera folder, in real time as the photo is taken. Then it'll get synced to the cloud immediately by my Google+ Instand Upload feature as it looks for photos in that particular folder. An option to just beam the JPG  from the WIFI SDCARD and store the RAW on the card would definitely save some space on the phone.

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