VR not working in live view with D7000 and 70-200 f/4?

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Re: Perhaps VR on all the time in LV?

trespassing wrote:

My apologies if this is the result of me being a numpty, but my VR does not seem to be kicking in during LV. This is my only VR lens at the moment so can't unfortunately test others, and I can't recall it'd it worked prior. I'd heard Nikon's newest generation VR was particularly great for video, but while taking stills or videoing it doesn't kick in with a half-press of the shutter button, and there is no constant sound to suggest it working permanantly. Thank you for your help, and once again, my apologies if this is just me being stupid.

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Its probably already working.

Just tried it out with my D90 and 16-85mm VR.

As soon as I put the camera into LV the VR immediaetly starts working and stays on until the camera is switched out of LV.

ie VR is ON all the time in LV, so dosen't kick in with a half press.

Put the lens next to your ear and you should be able to hear it working.


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