56 mp fx ?

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"The Megapixel Myth"

Valant wrote:

With the advent of the d7100: Will the next FX camera be around the 56mp mark? Or is that pushing the boat too far out?

Here's a little something from not so long ago - 2008

"Today, even the cheapest cameras have at least 5 or 6 MP, which enough for any size print. How? Simple: when you print three-feet (1m) wide, you stand further back. Print a billboard, and you stand 100 feet back. 6MP is plenty.

Sharpness depends more on your photographic skill than the number of megapixels, because most people's sloppy technique or subject motion blurs the image more than the width of a microscopic pixel."

Hmmm.... "Don't need more than xx MP", "You're looking too close / pixel peeping", "It's the skill of the photographer" - we've heard all this before.

You can read all about why you don't need more and "The Megapixel Myth" here.

Personally, it's never enough! Not till f/1.4 is diffraction limited - as long as S/N ratio doesn't drop!

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